Dolphin Club - Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon - Course
The Dolphin Club Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon begins with being transported from the Hyde Street Pier, aboard the historic Alma, to the beach at Alcatraz Island. The real adventure begins with the 1.5 mile swim (no wetsuits) across the chilly waters of the San Francisco Bay into Aquatic Park by way of the opening at Muni Pier and ending at the beach between the Dolphin and South End Clubs.
After emerging from the chilly bay waters the athletes mount their bikes to make their way from the Dolphin Club across the Golden Gate Bridge to Old Mill Park in Mill Valley. Although the bike ride is only about 12 miles and not very difficult the cold bay water stays with you all the way to Old Mill Park and beyond. Here is a link for the bike course.
Now the fun begins! The athletes arrive on their bikes at Old Mill Park slightly warmer but many find their feet are still numb from the cold water. The Dipsea run begins with three flights of stairs as tall as a fifty-story building, and up some more through an old horse ranch to "Windy Gap". Then it plunges down to Muir Woods across Redwood Creek and begins a tough grind up through the trees over trails named "Dynamite" and "Cardiac". At the top of Cardiac, the course levels out before it plunges down through the "Swoop", over the rocks and roots of "Steep Ravine" and the discouragingly steep climb up "Insult Hill." The course follows the relatively gentle slope of "The Moors" toward the ocean, Stinson Beach is in sight a mile ahead where you turn around at the aid station and follow the same grueling route back to Old Mill Park, totaling 14 brutal miles!