Mary Cantini-Norkin
Club Dolphin Club
  • 19 time escapee
  • holds record for the most escapes by a woman
Comments Regarding the 1989 race that was cancelled/postponed:
" The Escape was supposed to be on the Saturday or Sunday following the
earthquake. It was cancelled/postponed due to the Marina district being
closed to everyone except residents. The Escape was held the first
weekend in December. There were about 10-15 participants.
We went out to Alcatraz on the Avons, and Tom Callinan 's Boston Whaler. It was pretty much non supported, except for the swim. I participated, Margie Titus, (Margie was 1st woman), Peter Brigham (I don't know if he is still a member), Tom Callinan, Gerald O'Dwyer. Our stuff for the run was brought over to Mill.Valley in somebody's pickup. There was a dinner at the DC the evening of the event. I was dead last. I still have the certificate with my time"
Mary Cantini