Keith Nowell
Club South End Club
Achievements 17 time escapee 16 individual and 1 relay team

"2007 marks my 18th complete Escape. What appeals to me is the significance of the individual legs- swimming from Alcatraz, something I hadn’t thought possible, biking over the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge, and culminating with an out-and-back on the historic Dipsea! I did team twice. One year I was on a family team- I was the official swimmer, my wife, Linda, the biker, and my brother Bob, the runner. However, I did all three legs and consider it- in my mind- a complete Escape. Much to my surprise I had beaten Linda to Mill Valley- I never saw her on the route- and my brother was waiting for her in MV when I arrived. Linda missed a turn and biked farther than necessary. I held my brother until Linda came in. I started my run a few minutes after Bob. My run split was almost as fast as my brothers- well it was actually a bit faster – I was closing on Bob in the end but didn’t catch him.

My other team was a two-person relay. Officially I was the swimmer, but I swam and biked. My biker/runner switched teams without telling me. As I came out of the water and saw my teammate I remember saying Go! Go! Go! only to find out he wasn't waiting for me. I was fuming at the dinner; however, I did hold my tongue."