Mike Webb
Club Dolphin Club
  • 17 time participant (2 informal, see note below)/ 1 relay
Comments "Starting in 1990, I have done the whole course every year, but in 1997 and 2002, I had to miss the formal event and do my own, informal one. In both years, I worked with the club to have a swim, and then just finished the course. In 1997, Margaret Keenan did the run with me and in 2002, Hal Offen did the whole thing with me. I am working on doing the Escape 20 years in a row, so this year will be my 18th. In 1997, Patty's due date was very close to the Escape, so as a precaution, I did it a few weeks earlier. It was good, because Joe was born on the day of the event! "